Ideas & Activations

Google Chrome – Typos
More and more children are being diagnosed with Dyslexia every day. Yet a major obstacle in the timely diagnosis and help for the child is the fact that parents and teachers do not understand what it is like to have this learning difficulty. BMU wanted people to understand the frustration a child goes through when they cannot easily translate their thoughts onto paper.
The Idea
We create a new font, made using the common characteristics that are indicative of dyslexia. Mirrored alphabets, indistinguishable handwriting, syllables written out phonetically, etc. We study the handwriting of several dyslexic children to create it.
The execution
On World Dyslexia day, Google chrome will install the font in its search bar. So that whenever anyone tries to type in something, they will be frustrated with their inability to type it right. The correct answer would appear in the search page as ‘Did you mean…’ along with a message reminding them that dyslexic children go through this every day. They are invited to the page of the Indian Dyslexic association to read more.
This idea can be supported by people buying, downloading and using the font in tweets with #Typos. Proceeds from the sale of the font goes to the Indian Dyslexic foundation.
Google+ Hangout – Lost in Translation
Can people of different nationalities speaking different languages carry a conversation? We use Google Hangout to find out.
The Idea
We get people of different nationalities speaking different languages on a Google Hangout call, where they can see each other. They are told to carry out a conversation in their language only, and see if they can get the message across.
The conversation could revolve around simple things like what they ate for lunch that day to more abstract things like ‘What makes us happy?’. At the end of each conversation, they are told to summarize what they thought had happened.
We create this film and upload it online on World Unity Day.


Emirates #SayHello

To emphasise the WiFi onboard every Emirates flight, we do something that people never thought was possible. Using your phone while the plane is in flight.

All the passengers in Emirates flights are given free Wifi and told to tweet or facebook using #SayHello the moment they are seated in the plane. These can be messages to their loved ones standing outside the airport, selfies, or just messages to the public.

We have a digital team monitor the hashtag on facebook and twitter and route all messages to a special live digital billboard we install outside the airport near where the waiting families can get a final message from their loved ones on board. In the same way, people arriving in cities in Emirates flights can also tweet to their loved ones waiting to pick them up. These would be displayed at the arrival area.

e.g. 1 – #SayHello Buh-bye Mumbai! And a big hug to my wife Nisha waiting at the airport! C u soon!
e.g. 2 – I can’t believe I’m tweeting from 30,000 feet! #SayHello to Nick and Jon waiting for me at Newark Airport…I’m on my way.

Apart from creating a ripple on social media, we could also send the live messages to be displayed at a special digital billboard right outside the airport, so that people can see the event unfold. We amplify it with PR and even make a case study of the event to put on YouTube. This could be made a regular feature at various major airports around the world.



Carlsberg –  Probably the greatest surrogate in the world

The Brand
Carlsberg worldwide is known for its humorous and tongue-in-cheek style of advertising. In India, their campaign has revolved around the thought of, ‘If Carlsberg did it, it would be the greatest in the world’

The Brief
In a country like India, where alcohol advertising is banned, how do you advertise a brand like Carlsberg?

The Idea

The Carlsberg Surrogate Search

How does it work?
Carlsberg launches a contest to find their next surrogate product.

The Indian ban on alcohol advertising is so obviously subverted by alcohol companies using surrogates. To poke fun at this antiquated concept, Carlsberg will launch a real, actual contest to find its next surrogateproduct – and actually produce, research and market it to the public.

The Mechanism

We launch the contest using a 3600 campaign. The spots and ads would be funny and sarcastic invitations to create the next Carlsberg surrogate. We announce that the winning entry could actually be produced and marketed by Carlsberg. The only condition is that these products have to be absolutely original – and absolutely useless.

A website is set up for people to submit their ideas. We create some whacky new products to get the ball rolling (e.g. – a pen with water as ink, Instant microwavable salad, etc.)

We shortlist some interesting ideas and produce samples. Then, we actually conduct market research with real respondents to see which one fits the Carlsberg brand. This research is recorded and is uploaded online as well.

Finally, we pick the most interesting product, mass produce it and sell it across major retail outlets. People could get it free with a six pack of Carlsberg as well. We launch a spoof TVC for the product and promote the whole thing on social media.

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