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OUWT Launch Campaign
OUWT is a new lifestyle app that helps you discover places to go out near you, with filters like music, alcohol prices, ambience, etc. In the launch campaign, we wanted to establish ourselves as the inside experts on going out. Follow the campaign on

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After the launch, we carried forward posts that were in the zone of sarcastic advice to outgoers.

FEATURE post A 7-10-01 FEATURE post instagram 8-10-02 12140981_938118086261407_3482191693177746743_o 12038642_937101899696359_9043736874887489377_o

Following this, we launched a campaign called #WhatsYourReason to get people engaged with the different reasons to go out.

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Expert Advice Campaign Part 2

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Miscellaneous Promos & Posts

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